Pet Friends for MineCrafters - 2015 Edition

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开发 Longpaw, LLC
3.99 USD

Pet Friends for MineCrafters gives players a lively and informative guide for enhancing their pet experience.

Tons of useful information, tips and guidance await for players who wish to tame Ocelots, Wolves or the newly introduced Horse!

Triviacraft will put your knowledge to the test as you play a board, dice and trivia game for points!

Learn everything from how animals spawn, rare appearances, behaviors and taming to breed specific tips, teleportation, feeding, taming and more.

When you feel like a break, enjoy the newly added Minematch, a match-3 experience!

Included for FREE: Blockclock, a simple Minecraft-themed alarm clock that is also useful for keeping track of how long youve been underground. Enter the hour and minute you wish the alarm to go off and the app takes care of the rest.


Trivia & Board Game!
Physics-based Interface
Blockclock Game Timer
Tons of Ocelot Information
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Wolf

The newly introduced Horse is thoroughly covered, including:

Horse Types
Using Horses
Horse Behavior
Taming a Horse
Breeding Horses
Feeding a Horse
Horses and Potions Effects
Equipment and Horses
Riding a Horse
Horse Tips